Ithaca singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Travis Knapp released his third album of uplifting soulful folk songs in August of 2016.  “All the Stars You Hold” is largely driven by clawhammer banjo, piano, and other less-conventional songwriting instruments (kalimba, shruti box), and it features many of Ithaca’s finest musicians.  The album travels from celebratory fiddle tunes and prayerful grooves to playful storytelling and meditative moods.

Winter of 2017 was a successful bicycling and music tour from Oakland to Vancouver – 1,000 miles of riding and 15 performances along the way.  Plans for 2018 include a 2-month tour in Sweden, Ireland, and the UK.

–  Winner of “Best of Bound for Glory” (2016) [Bound for Glory is the longest running live folk radio show in the country, in its 50th year] … www.boundforglory.org

– BMI John Lennon Songwriter Award (2008)

“All the Stars You Hold” – a Circus to the Music of Travis Knapp – was premiered at Circus Culture in Ithaca on September 23rd and 24th to enthusiastic full houses. The show featured Travis and a 5-piece band performing the album start-to-finish, with a different circus act for every song.

His previous album, “For Everything That’s Good” [2014], was written while bicycle touring around the country.  Album #4 is now in the works, which will include emerging favorites such as “Democracy,” “One by One,” “Alright,” “The Cabin Visitors,” and “Remind Me.”


After studying at the Conservatory of Music at Ithaca College, where he accompanied singers and performed with Ithacappella, Travis was awarded the BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship in 2008 (for the song “Before You Go” on the album Bright New Way [2013]).  That award was used to take permaculture classes and launch the market garden and sprouting company “Dancing Turtle.” With his feet now wet in the world of plants, he dove back into making music. In 2011 he toured the Northeast and Northwest with an acoustic avant-folk duo. In the fall of 2013 he traveled the Northeast and Southern Appalachia by bicycle to promote his first full-length album, “Bright New Way.”  Winter of 2014 was also spent on the bicycle, touring the San Francisco Bay area. For 4 years, he served as vegetable gardener and musician-in-residence at the Body Mind Retreats (also home to the Ithaca Zen Center and Sufi Whirling Dervish Center).

Travis practices permaculture, wild crafting, and regenerative agriculture, while he continues to explore music as an important form of sound healing and education. He can be found ringmastering and playing music for Ithaca’s circus events at Circus Culture.  As half of the community education duo “Rot’n’Roll,” he writes and performs composting and ecology songs, including “Raw Veggies and Greens” from the Grammy-nominated album “Food for Thought.” He also performs and facilitates workshops with the Honey Child Soul Quintet, which is led by Elisa Sciscioli. Live performances of electronic dance remixes of his songs by Astro Hawk (conscious dance music producer) have been getting people dancing, from NY to NC. The folk quartet The Honeybees (w/Nate Marshall, Angie Beeler, and Leon Arguello) emerged out of bi-weekly gatherings at the Kava Lounge in Ithaca.  Travis sings locally and across the country at festivals, farms, markets, gardens, schools, houses, cafes, tea lounges, bars, churches, circuses, sidewalks, TV and radio stations, yoga schools, hiking trails, weddings, funerals, showers, wineries, book talks, ecovillages, and art centers – spreading his positive music and ideas wherever they find fertile ground – in hopes of inspiring folks to live honestly and joyfully!